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About Us

Howler is a collaborative joke-writing application that crowdsources humour. Simple, more-ish and available in both web and iOS versions, Howler lets you connect with other people to create and share hilarious content, purely through the art of the setup and punchline. The internet is a very silly place, so lets embrace the silliness and make each other laugh!

We are a small team of comedy and technology fans who strongly believe that with the right online tools anyone can be a full time internet idiot.

Howler is the personal project of UK UI & UX designer and one time stand up comedian Mike Hince. On meeting digital startup guru Martin Saunders he put the idea into development. Martin runs TBC Digital, an app and web agency located in Bewdley, working with worldwide clients and the occasional celebrity! Both based in the Midlands, Mike and Martin soon became cofounders of Howler and once they wiped the tears of hilarity from their eyes, they’ve never looked back.

The application you see today is the result of months of experimentation and market testing. If you have feedback then please do let us know!