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What is Howler?

Howler is a collaborative joke writing site that crowdsources humour. Users can start jokes and add punchlines. Each joke is then submitted to the public vote where the best jokes rise to the top.

What is a Set Up?

Set ups are the none funny section of every joke, imagine these as the foundations of all great jokes. A good set up should be descriptive and open ended. Set ups could be in the form of a statement such as “The Queen visited China today” or left open e.g. “The Queen visited China today which was strange because…”. You also have the classic question set up, for instance “What do you call a dear with no eyes?”.

What is Punchline?

Punchlines are the end of every joke, this is the payoff that makes you LOL. You can go wild with these punchlines, sometimes the worst punchlines are also the funniest.

Who owns the joke?

The jokes are in the public domain, which means all the jokes on Howler can be reproduced under the Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). All jokes must be credited to Howler and the users who wrote the joke. For commercial use please contact us.

What are those smiley faces on the joke pages?

They’re Emoji’s - we use them to collect user votes on how funny the jokes are. You can click poo, ok or crying with laughter, which will give the joke either a negative, good or positive vote. The votes a joke gets affects the authors ranking on the leaderboard, so its worth doing. Voting will automatically click you through to the next joke, so you may as well!

How does the leaderboard work?

That’s our little secret, but the more you receive positive votes the higher you will climb. The leaderboard is sorted between everyone, followers and following, so you can check in to see how funny you are against your friends and fans.

(Pssst….you can even use your keyboard direction arrows if you want to: Down Key = poo, Right Key = OK and Up Key = OMG THATS SO FUNNY I THINK I’M GOING TO SNORT SPAGHETTI OUT OF MY NOSE) & left key takes you back to the previous joke.