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Thau shalt not lol in anger

We’re pretty open minded and actively avoid inhibiting people’s freedom, creativity and hilarity. But even joking should have some basic limits of decency. Abusing people, hurting their feelings or being downright hateful is not worth it just because you think its funny. We also expect you to avoid being annoying just to sell people stuff, get votes, get followers on your social media platforms or basically further your plan for world domination. And finally we’re publishing these jokes in the public domain, so if you want to use them elsewhere that’s great! But you need to credit Howler and the authors of the jokes you use. We’re going to publish stuff from time to time, that you can buy, which should be pretty cool.

Come on guys, keep it classy! Here are the key terms you need to agree to if you want to join in:

* Howler is in the public domain so by creating set ups and punchlines you agree to refrain from being offensive or aggressive.

* Any offensive content that is brought to our attention will be quickly be removed and user accounts will be removed.

* You also agree not to spam the site. Any references to businesses, websites or other commercial spam will be removed and user accounts will be suspended pending review.

* You agree that when you submit your jokes to our site we are free to reproduce it in any format, including commercial eBooks, printed publications and other merchandise, under the Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) . You will always be credited for a joke you have contributed to and the joke remains in the public domain.

* Should you wish to reproduce any of the jokes on this site you agree to credit the joke to Howler and the users who wrote it.


Your jokes may be removed by a moderator if:

1. Your joke is MEGA offensive (and worse if not funny)

2. Your joke is sexist, racist and in poor taste.

3. Your joke is deemed as spam

4. Your joke is not a joke and just noise.

5. Your joke is legally causing us a shitstorm.